The Computational Sciences Group maintains interdisciplinary connections to partners from industry and business in order to generate economic value by providing comprehensive solutions for a wide spectrum of applications.


Industrial Partnerships

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KAUST Industry Collaboration Program

Next to direct cooperations with the Computational Sciences Group and the VCC, industrial partners can gain special access to our latest research and innovations by joining the KAUST Industry Collaboration Program (KICP). This membership-based program offers exclusive access to the latest research and a thriving network of fellow industry partners. KICP Members enjoy several privileges including a seat on the KAUST Industry Advisory Board (KIAB), the opportunity to collaborate with other KICP partners and key quasi-government agencies, and a dedicated on-campus industry collaboration officer. Current members include Boeing, Dow Chemical, Evonik Industries, General Electric, Halliburton, IBM, JGC, Lockheed Martin, Pall, Rolls-Royce, Royal Dutch Shell, sabic, Saudi Aramco, Siemens, Sumitomo Chemical, and Total.

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